Formerly known as Toast, Claud is a Chicago musician distinguished by a lo-fi sound and a retro-pop style that is taking over the internet. Planning to drop an album this year, Claud talks with SPE about their friends’ help in their music, tours to come and their plans for 2019.

SPE: Your music project was called Toast before you moved on to Claud. Why did you change it?

CLAUD: I changed it because I felt like I had grown apart from the name, it didn't fit with my music or personality any more. It was a natural change, and I don't have any plans to go back to the name Toast.

SPE: You are part of a group of great musicians like Clairo, Harry Teardrop or DCA. Do you help each other with your musical creations? Does it help being surrounded by them?

C: Of course! My friends are my biggest inspirations and being surrounded by amazing artists like them all the time is the greatest thing anyone could ask for. For example, I had help from my friends and my fans in the ‘Never Meant To Call’ video, and I recorded  ‘Scarlett’ with a friend too, so you could say they are always there.

SPE: All across your videos there are lots of comments from latin american fans, showing the great fanbase you've got here. Are you planning on coming in the near future?

C: I hope to come very soon! I would love to tour in Latin America, but I don't have any plans as of right now. At the moment, working in my music takes a lot of time, and releasing new songs every couple of months is what I'm focused on. But you never know, I could be around there sooner than you think.

SPE: Your first EP, your first headlining show, your first tour...2018 surely was a great year. What do you expect from 2019?

C: I hope to finish up an album this year and continue sharing my music with everyone even more than last year. 2018 surprised me with my first tour with The Marias and Triathalon, and it was a wonderful experience that I'm planning on repeating, so this year I´ll tour as much as I can!

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